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What is a DVR?

DVR is short for Digital Video Recorder, a device that records CCTV camera footage onto one or more hard disks. It has a number of BNC connections to connect to the cameras. Our DVR’s can support 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels (connections) on the BNC ports whilst several of our NVR’s can also connect to IP cameras over the network.

What is a NVR?

NVR is short for Network Video Recorder, an IP cameras recording device. An NVR offers that same functionality as a DVR, as it records CCTV camera footage, but it is tailored for IP CCTV cameras.


Ethernet network cables consist of several twisted pairs inside the outer jacket. On some networks power can be transferred through one set of pairs to power devices, this is called PoE (Power over Ethernet). The SPRO IP Cameras utilizes PoE so that only one cable needs to be run, saving both time and effort.

What happens when my hard drive is full?

Your  DVR/NVR will overwrite the old data when the hard drive is full. This means the recorder will continuously record the latest footage.

For example if your DVR/NVR records from the 1st of the month and is full by the 21st, the 21st will record over the 1st and the 22nd over the 2nd and so on.

Can i zoom in with my cameras?

Yes, you can digital zoom on any camera. If you require optical zoom then this is only available on an auto-focus or PTZ camera.

What notifications does the CCTV support?

Motion Detection
When the camera sees a object enter a area the motion is triggered.

Line Crossing
A line can be drawn on a particular area of your cameras view. Once the line is crossed it triggers an alert.

Do i need a fixed ip address?


We use Hikvisions DDNS server which is free of charge.

What speed broadband do i need?

A minimum 0.5mb service is sufficient for standard viewing.

Although for High Definition or streaming of multiple cameras at once, we would recommend anything above 2mb.

Can i view my cameras on my phone or tablet?

Short answer is Yes, although broadband speed plays a huge part in this.

Please see what speed broadband do i need FAQ

Why are my cameras black and white?

Your camera has switched over to night vision mode.

In each camera there is a sensor that detects light. When the light drops to a certain level the camera will go into black and white for optimum picture quality.

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