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You might be looking at getting an aerial installed soon and want to know a little more about the cost? The switch over has happened now and its close to a year old. You can benefit from better picture quality and more channels than analog. 

How much does TV aerial installation cost?

I’ve heard of people paying up to £1500 for an aerial just to one point, more likely is some cases around £200 to £500.

£60 to £190 is more the going rate for an aerial installation. £60 is around the price you should expect to pay for a loft aerial installation to one point, £190 would be more along the line of an aerial to 4-6 points.

Every home is different in size, shape and the signal you can receive. All these factors would be considered when quoting for an aerial installation.

The point i`m trying to make is that, be careful when searching for an aerial company to employ. Its never a bad idea to have more than one quote.

Is there such thing as a digital TV aerial?

No, there is no such thing as a digital aerial. Avoid TV aerial installers who use terms such as “digital aerials” , “freeview aerials” and “HD aerials”  none of these terms are correct and may be just a way of using scare tactics to fool you into buying more than you need.

The signal that you receive is a “digital signal”. As long as an aerial is suitable for the area you live in and has been installed and aligned correctly you will receive digital TV.

That been said the only equipment you would need is a freeview box or a TV with freeview built in.

Can my aerial go in the loft?

Yes, although this was once not common practice with aerial signals being so low. Now the switch over is here it has been made possible to loft mount your aerial. There is also the benefit of not having your aerial on show and your aerial could potentially last longer than being outside with the weather.

+Ian Harris