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How to hide your sky box? is a common question we get asked. Also how do you hide all your components inside a wooden stand and still be able to use your remote controls.

Here is a guide how to hide your SKY  box, but if you are simply looking for Home AV to do this for you click here

Hide sky box


For example you could use a labgear handylink kit.

By attaching a series of smaller IR (infra red) eyes to your components that reach back to a larger IR receiver. This will send the IR from your SKY,DVD, blu-ray etc to one IR eye

Hidden cables

There are other alternatives to the labgear handylink. If you would like a plate on the wall instead of a large IR eye there are kits like in the pictures.


Hidden DVD player



Home AV use a lot of these in our TV installations and especially with TV wall mounting.

If you would like us to wall mount your TV but worry about where the boxes will go or would like them hidden? fill out the contact form and we will call you.

+Ian Harris