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Q: Is it true the more you pay the better the cable?

A: Yes and No

You see the more you pay in general the better the cable will be, but can you tell? If you buy an hdmi cable from the local supermarket for £5 and it’s the first time you have ever laid eyes on HD you will probably think it’s great. So should you upgrade? Probably not!

This post isn’t going to go in deep about the performance of a cable from a technical point of view. More from a point of view of a consumer that just wants a good picture for a good price without the jargon.

So why should you?

If you use your TV for more than just watching the soaps and checking teletext (If you’re using teletext there is a thing called the internet now! Look it up) you might want to upgrade you will see a difference especially on blu ray and game consoles.


If you are going to buy an all-out system, buy the high end cables to match.

If you have or are going to purchase an average television, don’t go mad with the cables.